About Randi Glazer

Randi Glazer has not limited herself to proving her expertise to insurance underwriting. Glazer, a Long Island native with many years of experience in the insurance industry, has always felt the desire to help individuals and organizations make the most of their money and investments. As an insurance underwriter, this often means taking on risk that businesses may be averse to, or that they are unable to carry alone. However, for an individual, often times the best way to make the most of money is by knowing the tools and tricks available to make your dollar go further. According to Glazer, one of the best ways to do so involves familiarizing oneself with the credit card and debit card rewards made available by issuers of consumer credit.

Randi Glazer has been an insurance underwriter in the domestic and international arenas for Specialty Property, admitted and non-admitted Property, as well as Inland Marine risks. Glazer has in-depth knowledge of underwriting and marketing for insurance and reinsurance carriers, and a proven track record of building profitable Portfolio and Program business across multiple industries. Glazer’s expertise in the insurance industry gave her the tools necessary to explore her credit card options extensively.

Ms. Glazer’s claims to fame include: Admitted Property, Non-Admitted Property, Programs and Automatic Facilities Property Package, Excess Property, Surplus Lines Property, Admitted and Non-Admitted Inland Marine Risks & Programs, Specialty Property Risks & Programs, E & S Property, E & S Inland Marine, Program Business, Program & Portfolio Management, Client Development, Start-Up Operations, Lloyd’s Syndicates and Expert Witness work.

In 2016, Ms. Glazer published two books on helping people in business with Randi Glazer’s Pearls Of Wisdom for the Business Professional and Randi Glazer’s 12 Strategies for Surviving a Career in the Insurance Industry