Randi Glazer

Tax Returns Made Easy

Randi GlazerThe holidays are over, and as people are beginning to recover from end of the year spending many are looking forward to tax season. Yes, from middle of January until April collecting tax credits is at full force. Below are a few ways you can use these earnings to improve your personal finances, and bring yourself one step closer to financial security.

1. Pay Your Debt

There aren’t too many people out there who are completely free of debt. Whether it’s your mortgage, credit card payments, and even loans for the younger generations, we all have some sort of payment that is due in the near future. Depending on the interest rate, paying off these balances will greatly benefit you in the future and eliminate extra charges, and credit card fees that can add up to hundreds of dollars at the end of the year.

2. Replenish Your Savings Account

If immediate debt is not a part of your finances, one way to put your tax returns to good use would be by replenishing your savings account. End of the year spending can be a burden on most families, which means taking out more than expected from you SA. By adding this money, you are proving an emergency stash that can cover unexpected occurrences such as being laid off, medical expenses, and possible penalties that can truly set you back financially.

3. Invest

This suggestion is mostly directed towards people who are already financially stable and can afford to invest a large sum into real estate, as well as are able to acquire additional expenses. One area one can invest would be real estate. Taking advantage of decreasing prices and low interest loans could be a great way for anyone to purchase their own home. This is a great goal that can truly pay off in the future.